During the sojourn in hotel different extra-services are provided for our clients.
At your requirement you will get a hairdryer, a kettle, an iron and other electrodevices that you need.
Also we provide you an opportunity of using telephone nets for intercity communication and for receipt and transference fax-messages.

Besides always to your service Internet-centre and services of printing of documents. We provide our clients with safe for keeping of cash, documents and valuable things.

For conducting meetings and negotiations we offer for temporary use a hall with equipment.

Prices on extra services of the "Zolotaya dolina" hotel of SB RAS:

Denomination of services Measure units Price of the unit, rub. Notes
1 Billiards hour
2 Intercity telephone calls one-time 6.0 Above the sum of payment for the intercity calls
3 Copying
1 sheet 7.0
4 Fax (reception) 1 sheet 15.0
5 Fax(sending) 1 sheet 50.0 If the transference is intercity - above the sum of payment to NMGTS
6 Keeping the money / documents one-time 100.0/ 30.0 less then 100000rub.
7 Luggage storage day
8 Temporary use of the hall (3.6.7 floors)
hour 450.0
9 Internet-centre services hour 100.0
10 Printing of documents with a laser printer sheet 7.0
2300 rur./day
4500 rur./day
7200 rur./day
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