Half a century ago Novosibirsk Science centre was planned and found as a particular structure subdivision formed around research institutes and Novosibirsk State University. It is situated in thirty kilometers from the big city, in the unique natural area. Population of Academgorodok consisted in the beginning of young scientists and alumnis of the most prestigious universities of the country. That has determined the life-style and value-system of district inhabitants. Remoteness from the Novosibirsk and nearness to nature formed special attitude to life - more civilized, more kind, what is, frankly speaking, typical for the slavonic perception of the world.

A small town on the seashore in sommer is buried in verdure,in winter is wrapped in snow. A small town where you can get on foot everywhere, where near the modern buildings there is a real antient wood in which you can meet a squirrel and if you are in luck feed her on your hand. The sea (Ob reservoir)is in ten minutes from dwelling area,in summer there are a lot of people: few entertainment complexes work here, there are aquapark and yacht-club.However there are also solitary places, where you can take the sun enjoying only the views of nature. Water temperature in summer is about +20 C. There is no strong river flow so it is good even for nonconfident swimer. In winter the sea is iced but still beautiful, and fishing there is OK.

Unfortunately environment of our city is rather polluted. But if you look at the ecological map of Novosibirsk youll see that Academgorodok is the only enviromentally benign district of capital of Siberia. That is why foreign guests who choose healthy way of life prefer exactly Akademgorodok as the place of temporary sojourn.

Be our guests! Besides beautiful nature you can see here a world created by human hands.Exhibition centre of scientific and technical achievements,Culture centres and picturesque corners of our district will give you a plenty of new inpressions. Botanical garden, a joint creation of Man and Nature, will surprise you by its vast territory and a great number of rare plants from all continents. If you would like to have a rest in an urban way to your service are entartainment centres, few restaurants, cosy bars, night clubs and casino. Between Academgorodok and other city districts there is a regular transport communication so you can quickly and easily get to the centre of Novosibirsk. Highway M52 is not only a road from Academgorodok to Novosibirsk but also a way that leads to Altai - the russian Himalayas, and to Kemerovo region which is the favourite place of moutain skiersto spend their vacation. We are alway happy to welcome brave travellers in our hospitable land.

All the honourary guests of our city - politicians, foreign statesmen, famous persons, art people - surely visit Academgorodok, science, culture and education centre, a place where nature and technical progress are not enemies but collaborates. It is just a unique corner of our planet which really is worth visiting.
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