about our hotel

On the banks of a large Siberian river, among the vast expanses of forest there is an island of civilization, the center of science and culture of Siberia is Akademgorodok. The hotel is located in the center of Academgorodok. The city landscape imperceptibly turns into a natural landscape filled with the rays of the sun, crystal clear air and the singing of birds.


Our hotel is located in the center of Academgorodok, surrounded by the beautiful Siberian forest. A hundred meters away from the hotel is the world famous Novosibirsk State University and its new building, iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow at night.

Nearby is a cult place for all residents of Akademgorodok - the Shopping Center, which houses many shops. The purest air, squirrels on pine branches and cozy cafeterias, everything for which we so love the Academgorodok is at your complete disposal!


We are ready to receive up to 200 guests at a time from all over the world, because our hotel is rich in rooms for every taste and preference! You can comfortably and budget stay in our single and double rooms.

If you prefer space or you are traveling in a large company, there are suites and junior suites at your disposal. For guests who prefer not to pay expensive for the night, but wants comfort, we can offer our standard single rooms and a place in the room in the format of "Hostel"



Our hotel has a big and rich history!

Since its founding, dated 1962, scientists from all over the world have come here. The hotel was specially built in the heart of Academgorodok in a picturesque and beautiful place, so that guests could fall in love with Akademgorodok at first sight!

The hotel often became the site of heated debates and discussions to this day, every year thousands of scientists and academicians stop by us to take part in scientific conferences.

Interesting places

Tasty food and drink freshly ground coffee can be in one of our cozy establishments, located directly on the hotel. About what you can do outside the hotel in our glorious Academgorodok can be found on the page “Academgorodok”